About us

Jargonfree Benefits was established to help SME firms extend workplace benefits to their employees just as much larger firms have traditionally done for their employees.

Our approach, though is very different to the traditional approach.

We are specialists in communicating and marketing workplace benefits to employees through the use of smart technology.

Our only ‘product’ is our technology platform itself and not the products offered on that portal to employees. That means we take no commissions or any other payments from the product providers who supply the benefits we make available in the workplace. We are, though, able to bring products to the workplace at preferential rates that would not normally be available to individual SME firms.

We are constantly scouring the market for good value and innovative workplace benefits for our employer clients to make available to their employees, but as the number of products we can offer increases, our price remains the same.

That is very different.

We are different too in the way we use our technology to explain workplace benefits directly to employees. We do not require employers to be experts and we can maximise the take up of workplace benefits for both the welfare of employees and the advantage of employers.

By providing a single platform with a wide range of workplace benefits pre-installed on the system we have made it easier than ever for employers to select, arrange and manage a suite of valuable and valued workplace benefits for their employees.

At an affordable price.

“Half of the employees in the UK workforce have always had valuable workplace benefits available to them. They are the lucky ones who work for the larger employers. Our business is committed to enabling smaller employers to introduce cost-effective, valuable, and valued workplace benefits through the use of smart systems engaging directly with employees in a jargon-free way.”

Steve Bee
Founder Jargonfree Benefits
UK Business Communicator of the Year (2014)